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Monday, April 19, 2010

The Most Funny Thing in My Life

People always say that we have to face our future but we cannot forget our past. Though, that is something very important in our life. As for me, I have something that I can not forget until now which is my funny experience. Perhaps, everyone may experience it, but I do not think so. It happened when I was 8 years old. That was when I was in year 2 in primary school. Until now, I still can remember that funny thing which I had experienced. The incident happened in my family's holiday in Kelantan.

Every year, my family and I will go for a holiday at many different places and for that year, we chose to spend our holiday in Kelantan. That was my first time being there. For the first day, we arrived in Kelantan at about 10 p.m. because it was already late, so my father decided to sleep and refresh ourselves in my relative house, Pak Ngah's house. We have a very well sleep that night because we already exhausted with the long journey that we had took, about 9 hours from my house to here.

In the next day, we went out early in the morning to go to a popular destination in Kelantan, Pasar Siti Khadijah. I am not sure how that place look alike nowadays, but I still can remembered the atmosphere of the crowded place there. As a little girl, I was not attracted with the things sell there, but what I was really interested to a 'kereta lembu' which happened to be there at the time. I really want to take a ride on it. After my parent finished their shopping, we all took the chance to take a ride on the bullock. I was really surprised when the bullock moved. It was as slow as a snail. I never thought that what the lyrics "sejam sebatu", from the song that my teacher always sings in the class was for real. I always laugh when I remember about it.

At the evening, we began our plan to search for the guesthouse which was available there. Luckily, we found suitable one, a two story house with many rooms available for rent. My family has 7 members, but because all of my siblings were still kids, then we only rented 2 rooms for the day. For me, I chose to sleep in my parent's room. In the morning, what I remembered was someone woke me up then asked me to take my shower. I did not knew what had happened before I opened my eyes in that morning, but when we were taking our breakfast that morning, then I knew why everyone showed up with anxiety face at the first place. It was because they were worried about me, who was considered as a missing girl at that time.

Early in the morning, my parent had started searching for me in the entire guesthouse. They were so panicked when they noticed I was gone from their room. Everyone was searching for me in every room in the house with many thought in their mind. "is she ran away from this house?", "is there any bad guy came and kidnapped her last night?" or "is she walking outside in her dreams?" Yet, they noticed my slippers were still outside of the door. So, maybe I was kidnapped! Luckily, my sister remembered my habit that was always slept under the bed, so she looked for me in my parent's room under the bed. What a shame! She finally found me sleeping tidily under the bed. After woke up, with an innocent face, I take my towel and go to the bathroom to take my shower.

In summary, when I remember about what had happened to me at that night, surely I will laugh at myself. What a funny thing that I had done. Pity my parent had to be in such a panic situation at that night. However, it taught me to be a good girl when I am sleeping, no matter where I am in this world. So, I will always keep the memory of the holiday forever. Perhaps it can be the memory I treasure the most.

Pss...How many marks that I will get with this horrible essay?? OMG

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